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John Calvin Abney's Better Luck (FULL ALBUM REVIEW)

The break-up album is a tested form that crosses time and genre and lends us a yardstick by which we might measure an artist and songwriter’s potential based on how he or she fares in such well-traveled and emotionally choppy waters. John Calvin Abney’s debut full-length release, Better Luck, takes on these expectations while providing enough unexpected diversions along the way, both musically and lyrically, to keep us guessing as to its out come.

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Kyle Reid and the Low Swinging Chariots' Alright, Here We Go... (FULL ALBUM REVIEW)

The album’s title, spoken by Reid, are the first sounds on the record, cautioning band and audience alike that the show is about to begin -- setting time into motion and then “Shot of Whiskey” is underway. The band comes storming from behind with the incessant thump of the big bass drum, brushes on the snare, trumpet and trombone evoking a time when horns reigned supreme and then, they drop away, leaving guitarists Reid and John Calvin Abney to toss a little harmonized spice into the air before the whole thing lurches back into the unstoppable groove.

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Travis Linville's Sun or Moon : Out on the Wire (FULL ALBUM REVIEW)

 Five years passed between Travis Linville’s first solo record, See You Around and the Sun or Moon EP. At first listen, it’s plain that it was a dynamic period that saw him transform from Travis Linville, guitar player to Travis Linville, songwriter. The opening song, which gives the collection its name, sets the tone for this new period of his output. “Sun or Moon” opens with a lightly overdriven electric guitar that evokes a conversational folk atmosphere and gently redirects the listener’s attention to Travis’s delivery of the song’s message of transformation.